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Hello, im trying to make a mod to add some flavour to the lands of calradia, and hopefully, this is something up your ally, if you would like to help me add things, especially scenes i would appreciate it and you can contact me.

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This is my first mod ever, and i already uploaded it on nexus, im currently working on adding stay cities/towns/villages and smaller main factions for the player to take out and to bring more life to the map, i always found it weird how consolidated *every* empire is on bannerlord, and these are my attempts to address them, this is a submod based on anopeys custom spawn mod , and also makes use of adonnays troop changer (optional) for mixing up recruitment with the new troops.

this mod adds: Several troop rosters themed after the factions they hail from:

A Vlandian themed roster, very varied in equipment in the tiers, using heaters,swords,poleaxes, two handed morningstars, swordstaves and more

A Sturgian/Nord themed tree, which i might rework as at the time there werent as many items, it was my first tree, the tier 1 unit splits into 2 sub trees one nord the other sturgia themed

An Aserai themed roster: Featuring Camel archers and lots of throwy boys, the most diverse roster in terms of skin colours it can spawn the troops in

A Khuzait themed roster: As theyre Mongol/Central asian themed i found it weird that camels were missing, as they were important to their culture, thus this one adds camel lancers, infantry wielding sword staves and a cheap side tree with low armour infantry, having higher than average (for their tier) stats, and cost less but dont have much but their weapon and simple clothes

A Battanian/Forest tribe themed roster: lots of fur, sword and targe and pikes probably the tiniest main roster

And Auxiliary Troops for the empires respective factions, they are mostly copies of the main infantry + archers with some light changed with different helmets and shields to give flavour, oh yeah also longbows

and some misc riffraff to roam the map

and several minor factions corresponding with the new units

the next version also features 1 new town, 2 castles and several villages owned by a new major faction


The mod makes use of custom spawn: Nexusmods.com

The mod makes use of Adonnays Troop Changer: Nexusmods.com

uses a banner made by u/kunibuni Reddit.com

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