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Here is my progress in a little over a month of serious tinkering in blender 2.8 fork upbge.

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Wrectification of Game Industry Begins. this is inside blender 2.8 (fork - upbge - branch upbge3.0) it is the work of Youle, Loki, the blender 2.8 devs, and all the upbge and bge devs before them.it uses openGL 3.3+ for the viewport and sdl2 for input, and it now has decklink for video and FFMpeg for movies it is being restored fully and then released if you would like to help.

this is coded to be ultra flexible with the ablity to make almost any game.
(my front end py.)

BGE itself was always ultra flexible.

however the render was quite old,
now it is not.


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