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A summary of updates from the milestone2 version to the alpha version.

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This week we've added the following:

  • Changed font to a style more consistent with the game
  • Scene changes now mostly have fade-ins and outs
  • Sprites order are now sorted based on how close they are to the bottom and top of the screen
  • Bloody sprites removed
  • Now clear that there are two opposing teams. Moreover, players can now choose their own team at the ready-up scene.
  • Characters now wobble while moving.
  • Title screen changed into a UI more suitable for the theme of the game

The changes we made this week are mainly motivated by the need for player guidance expressed by playtesters. This week we mainly focused on fixing bugs, adding more visuals, adding an interactive tutorial for better guidance, and adding more juice to the game.

For next week, we plan on adding even more juice and incorporating a storyline into the gameplay. We also hope to add more components for players to utilize and gain an advantage over the other team.

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