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Sorry for the silence everyone, here's what's going on!

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First off, thanks to everyone still paying attention to this game!
You all are awesome!

Good news! I got a job lol. Bad news, less time to work on the project.

But that doesn't mean i've given up on it! I'm still working diligently trying to get more stuff working in unity. (coding is hard XD)
And since at this time i'm doing all of what needs to be done by myself it's taking me a while.

I've currently decided what i feel is best for the movement system and have all but worked out what will be the final version of the movement system. Next thing i'm working on is assets for actual levels and trying to come up with how i want levels to be designed and what type of art style i want in the final product.

I'm doing all of this while getting up at 5-6am to head to work every day lol.

I'm also working on some story aspects (not disclosing any of that info at this time because none of it's final) so there's a ton on my plate.

If anyone wants to talk to me directly my twitter is @agrobeaver feel free to contact me anytime.

Also if you'd like to you can always support the development, and show that you want this game done by heading over to Indiegogo.com and donating. There are rewards for doing so!

I love all the amazing support i've gotten from everyone and i couldn't imagine that i'd get this much of it!

Also I usually post teasers for updates on my youtube channel. Just head over to
Youtube.com and subscribe for notifications on updates. Thanks everyone for being patient and have an awesome day!

- Aaron (Studious)

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