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New Updates : New Characters Features list (so far)

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Hey everybody !

So far I have completed the following and below is the list of the things to do

Completed Animals:
Lion ( fur isn't looking great yet )
Wolf ( Rigged, animations left )

Animals left to do:

Features completed:
Character's Survival ( Hunger, Thirst, Stamina all based on real life )
Characters Root Motion ( I need feedback on this )
AI's Survival
AI's finding food system
AI's Herd System ( they form a pack and move in packs when leader calls in )
Tree with falling branches and fruits for the herbivores to eat
Day and Night System

Features Left To Do:
AI Hunting System
AI Hiding from Predators / Running / Attacking
AI Full herd formation
Spawning logic

As soon as those are completed I will have a playable alpha for all you guys.

I would also like some volunteers who would please guide me in the current development, as I mentioned above that its my first time doing the root motion, turning animations don't look too cool to me so I would like some suggestions.

Thanks again guys for keeping my game on the watch list !
Have a great day !

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