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This is just a quick update as to what is going on with the Night Watch game.

I just want to say that I am thrilled to be working with a longtime friend of mine who has agreed to be the 3D modeler for the game. His name is Matt Fairhurst and he is an extraordinary talent and will be a great asset to the game.
Check out his Facebook page for more info! Facebook.com

We are going to be using the newly announced Unity 5 Personal Edition for the game. It's not a big loss for the us, as the game was just in the model building/prototyping stages when the new version of Unity was announced. The new engine will give us the power needed to take this game beyond what had been planned earlier.

The game is going to including a few key places, some of which are 1. Security office - this is where the player will start the game, check on CCTV feeds for various cameras, be able to save the game here as well as refer to a layout of the facility to look at the required patrol route. 2. Electrical building - where the player must go in order to restore power, and 3. Storage building - will contain various items the player will need to investigate the facility, such as the standard batteries, tools, etc.
There are going to be other areas, but that is just a few to mention.

Well, I hope you find this news helpful, and as always, contact myself or Matt with any questions and/or comments!

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