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Time for a quick update from the BLM team. We've hit some roadblocks, but we're getting around them. We have a new programmer who's on the move and getting things done. I'm going to make a quick update with some art images, a short background story piece, and a summary of what's to come.

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I've been working to get some local attention for BLM lately. So far it's going alright. I've been able to meet a couple of guys who work for Firaxis (Civ. series) and I now work closely with a studio that does some work for Firaxis. They're all great people. I heard some words of wisdom from one of my new friends and I'm going to incorporate some of that into the Undead Castle.

Some of our member have unfortunately parted ways. I'm only confessing this because I'm confident it will not harm our end product. Like I said, I've been making some good connections lately. I live in Maryland, the East Coast Hub for the gaming industry. I'm bound to run into some more serious and dedicated members to help complete our game. Otherwise, I'll be glad to dump some personal funds into the project once my other business (Xsealer.com) takes off. ((Which is soon I hope. Just spent a chunk of money on SEO))...

As for what we're up to now: It's all GUI, player, and environment programming atm. I'm working on revising our game design document to better serve our new passionate programmer, and our he (Seth) will be knocking it out quickly! He's in it to finish the fight. He's already made two small games of his own, so I have great confidence in what he can do for us.

Remember, we're always looking for talent. We need artists. Lots of artists. 2D artists, 3D artists, animators, concept artists, and more! Programmers. Always need them too! Please get ahold of us if you're interested in making a great game!

Another thing. We just applied to get the Xbox One Indie Dev kit! Woot! I think we have good chances, especially early on in the game. We've at least pumped out CubicleChimera.com. Nothing huge, but it's a playable game, from "start to finish." I think our chances are fair. If we do get our hands on the kit we can make a big stand in the industry with a small, well focused group.

That's if for the updates! Stay connected with us. Go to BLMdev.com to see more about us, and BrokenLimitsMedia.com/join to put in your application. Thanks for reading. Add us to your watch list!

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