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New support for newcomers, tweaks to land bonuses.

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I've just launched an updated that adds a lot more assistance for newcomers. Advisers will introduce themselves and offers tips as players explore the game interface. I've also tweaked the world settings to be very generous with those lovable n00bs, ensuring the lower tech tree will fly by and the meat of the game begin in earnest once the player feels comfortable interacting with the world.

This week I plan to adjust some of the bonuses for sand and iron lands, and to tone down the currently devastating pale and black horsemen of the apocalypse.

Battle Mines, I can confidently assert, is near the top of the pile for casual strategy MMOs today. I may not have the budget yet for artwork and videos up the wazoo, but I've been playing and building games for most of my life and I know what works. If you want an charming interactive social experience, where the newest player has a shot against the oldest, where you have validly entertaining choices to make for 5-10 minutes a day, and where you can get demolished and love every second of it, please give my game a try. You won't be sorry.

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