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Updates for Go!Go!Maddi! will happen on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, depending on the amount and quality of the work within the set amount of time. Demo to due in about a month!

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A full demo of stage 1-2 and 1-3 will be avalible (hopefully) in about a month. It's just down to bug crushing and adding in some more animations and oh yeah - all of the music!!

At it's current state the two stages are practically finished aside of a few missing animations (player death and wearwolf blowing fire and death). The sound is sparse at the moment and the music is all place holder until I have the time to sit down and bang out a few amiga style mods for the sound track. So the demo may or may not have full sound/music upon release. But the two stages are already 100% playable with no game killing bugs. The death sequence is the main concern at the moment - once the animation is done, I'll add it in and fix the final bug. That will be done by the next update.

Anyhow - enjoy the current video demo and images! And I'll update again at the start of next week!


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