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These are the new updates for the new gold release for our game, Forest Fight.

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There were many overhauls to our game in the past week.

One of the main things was the introduction of a dynamic camera. The camera will now try to follow the players on the map, so if the players are closer to each other, players will be able to see the characters better. With this introduction, our old method of score keeping was revamped. We switched the scoring to become strictly UI so that players will see a quality picture of an apple fly across the screen every time.

There were also many bug fixes that were found during our last play test session. Such as seeds showing the wrong item once acquired through a chop. We also fixed a bug with the players readying up. The main menu's bug of multiple controllers not being able to interact was also fixed so that players can easily cycle through options.

Aesthetically, we added a nice scene transition between the start menu, tutorial, and main game. We also added a better sound track for night time and added sound effects for the win screen.

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