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Update on the current state of the game, and plans for future updates

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This week, we focused on the gameplay.

We added different trees that have different caps to the number of apples they spawn. Along with this, we added the aesthetic for apples to move towards each teams point count. We also made the map more split into 4 pieces of ground with 2 pieces for each team.

With this, the players can not place trees on enemy territory, which makes it clear which trees belong to which team. However, enemy players are still able to chop down trees in your territory.

We fixed many bugs in our previous release, such as players occasionally floating off the map.

We improved our tutorial and made it so that each player needs to complete it before moving on to the actual game.

We also added another aesthetic where a crowd would cheer for the team that is winning. This is to improve the visual aspect of the game and to give a visual indicator of the team that is winning.

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