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So P-3 Biotic's been out for a week now, and there's been plenty of high score activity, with some really impressive scores...and then there's this! Think you've got what it takes to beat it? Also, updates coming including large performance improvements on lower end machines, and some bug fixes. Also, reviews!

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So P-3 Biotic's been out for a week now, and it's been a hectic, hectic time. We ticked another box on our "100 things to do before your indie company goes bust" check list by getting the game reviewed on RockPaperShotgun:) In case you haven't seen the review, check it out - Rockpapershotgun.com.

We've also had lots of attention from around the Internets, including this awesome review from DealSpwn - Dealspwn.com. Thanks DealSpwn:)

Since the game came out, we've had some people posting some great scores on our global leaderboards...then what you see in the screenshot above happened. Almost 1.4 billion! How dare someone be better at my own game than me! I've seen this guy playing and it's mesmerizing. We should record a video of him at work, so you can all share in his twin-stick mastery. For the moment, a screen shot will have to do. Here you go - A6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net. This was taken at QCon, an awesome gamers conference in Belfast, in June.

In update news, we've had some reports of the game running a bit slowly on some of the later waves on less powerful machines, so we've prised the pixels back open and had a look inside, and right enough, we found we'd left a forceps in there that was causing some slow down. We've removed them now and the games running better than ever, right down to the lowest spec machine we support.

We've also added some Scoreoid analytics, so we can keep an eye on just how many bacteria are being killed. Scoreoid, for the developers among you, is a really cool platform for adding global leaderboard support to your games. That's their main purpose I guess, but they also support some pretty cool analytics, and best thing of all, it's free! For now anyway. Go Scoreoid. You rock.

You stay classy IndieDB.

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