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We've got some updates on where the game currently lies in development, and also a presentation of the game that we did for our school.

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Hi there, it's yet again Pontus, here with another update for you! I've got two things to go through today:

First of all, an update on the project. When this is written, we officially have two days left on the course that this game was made for. These two days will pretty much be spend on fixing the last assignments and reports that needs to be done in order for us to pass. So what does this matter to the game? Well, it means that we no longer will be able to work full time on the game, as we will be busy with other school stuff, which in turn means that production on the game will go a bit slower from here on. That being said, that does definitely not mean that the game is dead! We will still spend a lot on time on the project so that it will be as good as it can for the Swedish Game Awards.

A screenshot from the current build of the first level.

So, do you have to wait until the SGA's until you can try an early build of the game? Well, not quite, but as of now we feel the sate of the game is unfortunately not good enough to be released as a public alpha. Not quite yet at least. We will however, as soon as the course is over, focus on redoing a lot of environments and add and fix some puzzles and animations, as we didn't have the time to incorporate these things into the game in time for the courses end. To make a long story short: We will polish the game so that we can give you a release. And don't worry, we'll put up a link here on indieDB as soon as we have a alpha for you!

The second thing I want to go through today is the presentation of the game we did for this course. This presentation is pretty much a short summary of how we worked when creating the game, where each one of us Leads speak of how our division of the team worked both ourselves and together with the rest of the team. We also speak of our inspirations and visions, and also how these visions were realized or lost. Also, this was recorded during our livestream - So, enjoy!

Oh, and don't worry, even though we're swedish, the presentation is in english.

That is all for me today! Remember to like our game over at the Swedish Game Awards if you like the concept!

So until next time, this is Pontus, signing out.

Henley Staff

Using the power of magics and voodoo I have made the presentation appear! Behold!

The game is looking mighty fine, I'll be tracking your work from this point on!

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SpellingPhailer Author

Thank you for helping with that! Also, thanks for tracking =)

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