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Details of what I have been doing and what else needs to be done. Also video preview :)

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I have been quite busy. Actually working on this for a change :). Now that I have extended days off throughout the week I have been able to test, edit and generally work on the project. I will run through a quick list of whats been done and what yet needs to be done before I can release the game. But first here is a video sample of Original Mode, Level 4: Norwegian Base. It is only a preview of part of the level. The level needs a lot of tweaks, it is really hard!

Okay here is a list of stuff I have done:
+ Tweaked lots of mechanics and skills to balance out the game
+ Mapped Original Mode Levels 01 to 06
+ Built Up Level 01 - 04
+ Concept design done for Levels 07, 08 and 11.
+ Eliminated many bugs.

Whats left to be done:
+ Original Mode Levels 05 ~ 12 (Estimated Early January Completion)
+ The All New Story Mode (Will start in January, Estimated 2 months work)
+ Survival Mode (Will do alongside Story Mode, Estimated 2-3 Weeks work)
+ Extra Content (Will add one story for first release, 2 weeks work)
+ Cheats (A simple task that just needs a few hours attention)
+ Game Manual (Started work on this, 25% done)

As it stands Original Mode is half done. And the overall game completion stands around 65%.
I have at least another 3 months work ahead. Less if I progress faster. I will have a lot of time over Christmas to work on this as well. I don't want to set a release date but I estimated April ~ May time. My website for the game has gone down for unknown reasons so I need to fix that too. I have been writing small updates in the comments of the most recent news post as I go. You will find new ones from time to time if you are interested.

Thanks for waiting patiently for a sequel, I assure you it is far better than the original game I first made. If you have any questions or suggestions for me please let me know. Thank you for your time.


looks cool - liked the movie
Did you do this with RPG maker?

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Richard2410 Author

Hai, RPG Maker VX Ace.

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I saw Kurt Russell, I had to click. This game looks awesome also :D

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Richard2410 Author

lol thanks. I do love his character in the thing. It wouldn't be the same without him :)

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Richard2410 Author

Launched Private "Test Build"
Fixed Tutorial Spelling Errors and missing Text
Resolved 1 Minor Bug.
Fixed 2 Minor Bugs.
Removed the need for Default RPG Files in Engine.
Commissioned Artist to create enemy battle graphics.

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Richard2410 Author

Level 07: Gen Inc Viral Research Base Fully Mapped
Considering Original Mode Test Build

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