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Some discussion about updates for existing custom stories, and the future of Act III.

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Time for some epic news about some equally epic stuff.

First of all, a third version for NoA - Act 1 has just been released, its nothing fancy, just some minor tweaks, but overall it will pretty much be the final one for Act 1 unless anything major comes up.

There will also be an update later on for Act 2, and maybe even the cellar further on. People have been cheesing the guardian boss in Act 2 by stacking up some boxes, (un)fortunately for you, that will soon be fixed so you can't cheat anymore on my bosses you little bastards.

Now then, Act III, it will not be coming out anytime soon, you could expect some more news during summer. And also a little thing, people haven't really had a positive review about the bosses in Act 2 for them being quite a bit too hard, and I admit that I was sort of inspired by Dark Souls when I was making them, as i was at that time playing dark souls 3 during development.

But too bad for you, Act III will have 4 bosses, and your whining will not change how i make them at all. I will do the bosses how I envision them, not how other people want. If you cant defeat them, get better, and if you cant even do that, then i guess you wont be able to finish the custom story. I might come off as harsh here, but i will voice out my thoughts regarding this situation.

And thats pretty much everything for now, if you have questions, you may comment them.


Haven't played your mod yet due to several reasons, but I plan on playing and finishing it.

Just saying though: Please make your bosses interesting and fair, just like in Dark Souls, if you want them to be good. That's all, good luck man!

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