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Updated version of A.P.D on our website with new features and assets.

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We have just updated our website to include links to our games and other media. We have also put an updated version of ACME Planetary Defense for you to play for free in your browser. Give it a shot here,
Click Here .

We have also made our current version of ACME free on the app store for the foreseeable future. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can download the game on iTunes and the Google Play store.

Google Play
We here at Taptoon Games are pleased to finally show off our big update to ACME Planetary Defense. We have been working on this update for about 5 months now. The main reason why the update has taken so long is because the ENTIRE game has been re coded. While the old game ran okay, if we wanted to try and add in anything new we would of seen a lot of issues. Since we wanted to put in boss battles and have more depth to the game we knew that we were going to have to either tweak everything or just start over. So we started over. As I said this is an update, so if you have bought or want to try it out you will be getting all these changes for free. Otherwise cough up a whole dollar for this amazing game!

Here is a list of some of the major changes we have added

  1. -3 Boss Battles
  2. -Added in experience
  3. -Added in a combo system
  4. -New ways to control the game with analog, joystick, and tilt
  5. -Super fast menus now, no more load time inbetween menus
  6. -Store allows you to purchase items with experience points
  7. -New store items to buy
  8. -Ability to unlock planets with money
  9. -Store is now accessed in the main menu and unlocks are permanent
  10. -Links to Facebook and to rate the game
  11. -2 new game types(Story, Evacuation)
  12. -New enemies
  13. -POWER WEAPON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gameplay is still the same, spin shoot, kill, collect. We have updated all of our graphics and have polished up all the explosions. Most of the graphics have been redone or reworked for a more refined and professional look. We hope that you guys enjoyed the game before because it is only going to get better.


If you would like to be opted in to our beta please like us on Facebook, there we will be giving instructions on how to get to into beta once we open it up.

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