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Version 0.53 is out, fixing a few bugs and tweaking balance.

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After the initial release 0.50 and the quick update to 0.51, the latest update takes care of all remaining known bugs while slightly improving some visuals and tweaking balance between the factions.

Full changelog of update 0.53:

- Fixed crash when using right mouse button joystick scrolling
- Fixed Napalm crate not damaging the collecting unit
- Fixed Nod APC not showing any explosion on destruction

- Improved Obelisk laser visuals by adding a 'glow' effect and increasing the visibility duration
- Slightly re-increased size of rank decorations

- Increased Obelisk firing range from 7.5 to 9 cells
- Reduced Minigunner firing range from 4 cells to 3.25 cells
- Reduced damage of Minigunner, both APCs, Jeep and Buggy versus medium vehicle armor and base defenses by 5% of their respective base damage
- Reduced damage of Mobile RPG Launcher versus base defenses by 20%
- Reduced damage of Grenadier grenades versus heavy vehicle armor from 35% to 28% of base damage, and from 60% to 50% vs. medium armor
- Increased damage of Grenadier grenades versus 'wood' base structures from 65% to 75% of base damage
- Slightly increased range and speed of Grenadier grenades
- Increased Nod APC health by 10%

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