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Slight change in plans and basic update of progress

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Alright, so doing the re-texture is going to take more work/time than I'd expected. This is due to how importing the models into Substance Painter had to be executed in order to modify the existing textures. As a result, the re-texture is being put on hold until the models are out. I think this provides a good compromise between quality and waiting.

In this vein, I've brought the first model into Unity and getting it working has been surprisingly smooth. The MeshRenderer module appears to seamlessly integrate the blast bag data from Max and operation so far looks good.

The last big hurdle with the next release will be squaring away all the CSV entries. If all goes to plan I feel safe in saying that you can expect to play the initial US ships in late July to early August.

As far as the recent game update, there should be no issues between it and the current mod version. If there are, please post in either the forums here or in the mod thread on Steam.

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