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Revision - Version 1.0 - Changelog - * Added new classes, species, skills, and edited traits; * Added new weapons, potions, armour, tomes, edited standard items, as well as changed placement for several items. * Increased enemy difficulty in various areas. * Added some more secrets. * Made several aesthetic changes. * Added armour/shield/weapon racks. * Fixed various typos. Isle of the Deranged - Revision - 1.0

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Overhaul of the original mod that affects the playstyle.

It includes the following changes:

* New classes, species, skills, and traits;
* New weapons, potions, armour, tomes, and items (location placement for several standard ones);
* Enemy difficulty and placements;
* New secrets;
* Made several aesthetic changes;
* Added item racks; and
* Made minor adjustments to some puzzles.

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