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Hearts of Iron IV: Nuclear Aftermath News and Updates

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The second most popular HOI4 mod today!

After only 8hrs of being on modDB, my mod became the second most popular mod for the game today and came 16th on the most popular mods. I would like to say thank you, and this shows me that the fallout community want this mod. I have worked on projects in the past, and this mod has had more views in 8 hrs then I ever got on those, which realy motivates me to make this mod. Since I can see that you all want this mod, I would like to ask your help in making it. I don't mean created an entire tech tree for me, what I mean is I want your opinion on factions and what provinces they own. If you play HOI4 or mod it, you will see how hard it will be to fit all of the factions onto America so I would like you guys to chose the factions that are put into the mod.

Update schedule

I usually fail at keeping up with my updating schedule, however I will do my best to stick to this and keep you al, updated. I will aim to upload a article to modDB on either Friday, Sat or Sunday every week at 7:30pm and, if there is enough content, a YouTube version will be uploaded to the Kgboi channel. Small updates will also be posted on Facebook and twitter every now and then so make sure to follow me on these platform.

Send me faction and other ideas

As stated above, I want your help when it comes to factions and there locations. Rather the send me messages through modDB, twitter or Facebook, send the to my email : kgboi656@gmail.com

I am choosing email as that is what I check most often, and I can get back to you faster that way. Another thing you can add to make things easier is changing the subject to FalloutIdea, as I can filter through my emails for anything with that as the subject and you will get faster response.

Any ideas you do submit and are used, you will be credited for.


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