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Hey everyone! Due to the surprising amount of feedback we have received about this game, we plan to put the next update to the top of our priority list. As it stands, we hope this update will be released before the end of this week. Fingers crossed!

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You guys are the best beta testers ever, and spotted some brilliant ways in which we can improve our product. As a thank you, we are prioritizing the next update for 'Refuge', and plan to have a version (with your suggestions for change implemented) out by the end of the week!

This update will include:

-A bug fix or simple workaround to prevent gamers being disorientated at the very start. Either we will ensure that the 'spawn facing the wrong way' bug will be fixed, or we will add a feature to the wall behind the player which should help them orientate.
-We will be removing walls and changing the layout of the office building in order to improve it's realism and reduce it's current linear style.
-We plan to add usable doors in certain areas of the new office layout, these can be interacted with using the 'E' key.
-Although the realism camera (having your head independent of your torch) was an intended feature, some have expressed a dislike for it. To compensate, two versions will be included in each subsequent release, one version will retain the 'Realism Cam' and the other will feature a 'Static Cam' in which the torch will follow your eye-line rigidly.
-Some feedback has shown a dislike for the 'fake scares' in the audio, where the crescendo's are unaccompanied. These were an intended feature, but if enough people express a dislike before the end of the week, they will be removed.

This update will be to Beta V.1.5.
Thanks for all your enthusiasm and involvement, hope to see you soon!

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