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Please let me know if you would like to see SabiCube on github.

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I have made a lot of progress, and have two new maps, new inventory items and npc's will now attack you if you hit them. I'm thinking about making SabiCube available on github for those who want to follow the changes made to the engine, or just don't want to wait for me to upload the next alpha.
Please let me know if you would like to see SabiCube on github.


github would be great and easier to update than downloading a new .rar-file every time :)

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sandsound Author

First step done :-)

Now I just have to clean up a bit and upload, Github have a 1Gb limit, and atm. SabiCube is about 500Mb and I might set up separate repositories for models and textures.

btw... the Fony-commercials on moddb is driving me crazy, and it's making the decision to move everything to Github easy.

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I think, you should keep moddb also up to date.

Github is good for managing the code, wiki and bugs and other issues.

But moddb is good for advertising the game, showing screenshots and screencaptures.

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