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Update 3 is here! go to www.battlefordune.co.uk for more!

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Welcome to update 3 peoples.
This week, we have several things to show.
The first one is the almighty HUD.

Kudos goes to Canadacdn for this wondefull gift, as Scrin left the Renegade community recently. It will be modified to a dune-style set.

This is the Ref interor(s), this is the downstairs room, where spice is refined and packed into large cans. Easy for transportation.

Created by Aydynbek, our almighty building interior designer.
Building isn't finished as yet.

Now for some more building updates.
Here lies the... Construction Yard?
If you have any Renegade modding experience, you'll notice it's been rigged. Thanks a billion danpaul88 for that.


And the War Factory...


Both buildings by Bullet.Designer, our RIC (Apocalypse Rising modeler) counterpart, maybe there brothers... ( :P )

Once again, another billion to danpaul88 for a fantastic rigging job.

In technical news, we will be using a expandable and contractable script zone for harversters to collect spice, and some uber animations for the sandworm, and tornadoes (did I spell that right?)
VOTE US MOD OF THE YEAR!!!! (were not going to take it that seriously though, were only starting out, maybe next year).
_______________________ __________________________ ______________________ _____________________ _______________________
K enough, you know how hard it is to upload all those pics to image shack?

Kthnxbai g'luck.

-cnc95fan <!--IBF.ATTACHMENT_103-->

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