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improved the ui. camera controls and creation. 2 new levels. new level structure in beginner campaign. overworked tutorial1 stress analysis keeps active now.

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Update v1.49 UI+ 2Levels+ more

UI improvements

- added new camera scrolling function. Left mousebutton+ drag.
- centre camera target now by the middle mousebutton.
- changed "centre camera button" function.
- chancel a creation now just by right mousebutton.
- zoom is now right and left mousebutton instead of first right and then left.
- smooth change between different the camera movements.
- added the new controls to all tutorials, context based help, tooltips and menu.

Sorted and optimized "Beginner" campaign to get a constant progress and get into constructions more soon.

- sorted out 2 levels from the "Beginner" into the new "More" campaign.
- 2 new levels in "Beginner" campaign. Level 2+ Level 4

- optimized Tutorial 1 to be easier, shorter and bigger. After finishing the level you can go on driving the old track as well.

- the stress display in testmode keeps active now when changing to editor and return back to testmode.

- fixed some bugs


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