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This is an update to keep you guys up-to-date. This update contains no story updates , but mostly art updates.

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Hello everyone!

I'm going to talk about the v0.011 alpha update of Caveman's Life. There are no story updates today *sadness*, but mostly art-updates. I will list all the features here.


- Added new equipment menu. This allows me to add more equip types. This menu is made with the equipment script from Yanfly (credit to him):
-> Added the "Pants" equip type.
-> Added the "Shoes" equip type.
-> Added the "Necklace" equip type.
-> Renamed the "Headgear" equip type to "Helmet".
-> Renamed the "Bodygear" equip type to "Chestplate".
-> Changed the equipment menu a little bit because of less parameters. (may change in the future)
-> Changed the default icons in the equipment menu. (they may change in the future)

menu 1

- Renamed the "Armours" tab in the items menu to "Armor" (may change in the future)
- Changed the font size. This changes the font type for some reason so I will give you the option for both font types in the game.
- Updated some menu icons.


- Added an equipment system that changes the player his sprite when he changes armor.(I made 180 different cavemen sprites for the wooden armor WITHOUT weapons only...)


- I'm making a battle system that does the same as the equipment system but with the attack animations.


- Updated the shadows on objects. (from 55,5% to 50%)
- Updated the skull sprite.


- Added two flowers.


- Added little stones that you can pick up to get stone.
- Added a stone table with stone chairs. (in cave)
- Added old wall drawings. (in cave)
- Added cobwebs. (animation/in cave)


- Added stalagmites and stalactites. (I don't know if this is the right English word for it though.../in cave)


ITEMS: (these aren't in-game now, I just made the icons for it)

- Added gold ore.
- Added gold nugget.
- Added large gold piece.
- Added gold bar.
- Added iron ore.
- Added small iron piece.
- Added large iron piece.
- Added iron bar.


- Added some uranium minerals:
-> Tucholite
-> Uraninite
-> Autunite
-> Coffinite
-> Brannerite
-> Davidite
-> Carnotite
-> Gummite
-> Saleeite
-> Torbernite
-> Tyuyamunite
-> Uranocircite
-> Uranophane
-> Zeunerite


- Added a radioactive capsule.


- Added wood.
- Added grass.
- Added stone.
- Added dirt.
- Added wooden helmet.
- Added wooden chestplate.
- Added wooden pants.
- Added wooden shoes.
- Added wooden shield.
- Added iron helmet.
- Added iron chestplate.
- Added iron pants.
- Added iron shoes.
- Added iron shield.
- Added radioactive helmet.
- Added radioactive chestplate.
- Added radioactive pants.
- Added radioactive shoes.
- Added radioactive shield.
- Added wooden club.
- Added wooden sword.
- Added iron sword.
- Added wooden axe.
- Added iron axe.
- Added yellow necklace.
- Added big yellow necklace.
- Added blue necklace.
- Added big blue necklace.
- Added red necklace.
- Added big red necklace.
- Added ice cream. (who doesn't want ice cream during this hot summer??)
- Added earthworm. (I don't know the use yet...)



This were most of the features of the 0.011 alpha update of Caveman's Life.
Be sure to check the game out on:

- Facebook: Facebook.com

- My website: Cavemans-life.biglaunch.net

- Twitter: you can search Caveman's Life but I'm not so active on twitter atm.

- IndieDB: you're already here so don't expect a link!

I hope you will enjoy my game!

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