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Hey guys, as you may have noticed we uploaded an update!

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Hey guys, as you may have noticed we uploaded an update!

Here is the changelog:
- Complete new voxel renderer
- Up to 120 fps on our machines
- Multithreaded world generation
- Street and way generation
- Dungoen generation
- New improved inventory which reduced micro management
- Improved the speed of the physic engine by factor 10
- New thread library which improves speed
- User space synchronisation of threads (10 times faster than a critical section)
- Improved speed of world generation
- New shapes which you can use to build
- Corrected errors in old shapes
- Update to recent version of bullet physic engine
- Updated to SDL2
- Memory manager which improves speed and reduces memory footprint
- Country generation
- Dungeon name generation (but I think the names aren't displayed yet).
- New level of detail algorithm for landscape and dungeon
- Improved java plugin support / added hooks
- Improved speed of string class
- Improved speed of animation system
- Bug fixes in the animation system
- Master of Materials now use relief mapping
- Navigation Mesh
- Complete new generation system for buildings
- Castle template set
- Templates for the dungeon generator
- The normal tools now do damage on enemies

So you see we updated really a lot. The voxel rendering system is completely replaced. So if you find any bugs just post it in the forum.

In a dungeon:


The dungeons have multiple levels:


The ways connect the dungeons:


The streets adapt to the landscape:


Normal tools now do damage:


But the biggest update is the improved speed of the game.



>Complete new generation system for buildings
Elaborate pls <3

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bsf_mistau Author

I already made a lot of designs for the buildings. Still thinking about the algorithm which creates the layout of the cities.

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