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Basic update on more stuff related to the game, and it's trailer

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Hello again, I hope you are doing well. A lot of things a need to tell you all about so, take a seat if you can. I will have to delay the trailer due to certain circumstances, but it won't be a huge delay. I have officially started working on Night 3 of Week 1 in Error 4516. I am also in the planning stages for my next game, which some of you might have an idea, I'll give you a hint, it's a sequel to one of my other games.

Saturday I will get back to developing, since it's Christmas tomorrow, and I want to celebrate it with my family. I will post an article tomorrow, probably about the trailer, so yeah. Anyway, I hope you have a good Christmas, if you celebrate it, and happy holidays to you that don't. So, I will either see you tomorrow, or the next day.

Have a good day!

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