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Well here is an update to the game and my sincerely apology.

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Ohh man, it’s been so long like one year since last post…I highly and deeply apologise for not posting updates. It’s not because I abandoned the game, the game was in active development but I was too lazy to post updates because I get too little time to work on game so I spent the most time I have working on game. I might even open the game for alpha test so be sure to check sign in by adding a comment.

Well the game has changed a lot since last update so be sure to check out new screenshots of game and video, see it for yourself and give feedback. SMFL is no longer the core library, it's been switched to MonoGame now.

Current game progress (note: I will always leave at 99% due to nothing is finish ever completely in life :P)

Game Progress

  • Login/Register 99%
  • Message System (Don’t really know but global is currently default enabled. Map/PM are there but disable)
  • Map Editor 0%
  • Game UI 25%
  • Battle System 50% (Only Wild/ PVP and other will be added)
  • Petmon 10% (Currently Pokemon are used as base)
  • Moves 99%
  • Server (Can't really decide the progress)
  • Many more but can’t think right now

If you want to know what I used for creating my engine, here is list of library that has been used for game engine.

Components Used For Game

  • .NET 4.5 Framework By Microsoft
  • MonoGame by MonoGame team
  • SharpNetty Last Commit 518b431373ebefb2280d9390625a18879b797f43 By JohnLamontagne
  • SQLite By Robert Simpson and SQLite Development Team
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