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Regiments is still alive and progressing. Try out the demo during the Steam Summer Festival June 9th - 14th.

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Hi, long time no see.

Being a sole developer for a big game sadly means I don't have a lot of time to post regular updates. On the positive side, Regiments have progressed a lot since the last update. Hopefully, that would be evident from the provided screenshots.


Gameplay tests so far have been a major success. After quite a few iterations, game mechanics work as intended. The pace is just right. It's dynamic, it's fun, unit types are balanced better than in many released RTS.

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It makes me confident that the Regiments are mostly ready to be shown to a wider audience. Steam Summer Festival that is scheduled for June 9th - 14th seems like a perfect opportunity for that. If all goes as planned, you will be able to play a free demo version during that time.


The demo is likely to include a full set of tutorials to familiarize you with Regiments. There are several features that you haven't encountered in other RTS - at least not at once - so the tutorial will come in handy. Skirmish against the AI will also be present, with 1-2 maps, 3-4 regiments, and 2-3 game modes content-wise.


Stay safe, stay healthy.


Good luck!

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This is looking really fun :D Cant wait

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Looking forward to the demo. Good luck!

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