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The current state of GEF, which includes future updates and changes.

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Hello dear reader,

I am writing this article to inform you about the future statues of GEF and what the future holds. Let me begin with the biggest announcement that GEF and TGC are getting merged! :) This will mean that one no longer has to download this mod in order for it to work, it would also a more smooth update plan for me, as I won't have to go thru most files to see what got changed and adjust my mod accordingly. The next version of TGC (mostly likely 0.2/0.2.5 "depending on what they call it" will include this change)

Now onto the work progress. Immigration seems to have been fixed (fingers crossed) and the event spam of countries trying to claim Manchuria, Cuba, or Texas has been mitigated. Furthermore, some balances changes have been done along with some new events and decisions being added. For example, one can now standardize German on "Lower/Upper German" "North/South German" respectively. Moreover, once the game starts you now have the option to enable or disable GEF. Renaming decisions and acquiring Texas has been improved and dusted, along with new names for the provinces TGC will add in the next version.

Lastly, on to the current development. The current state of GEF is slowed down as I am currently busy with college work and have little time on my hands, therefore these implementation might take a while. The following list is sorted from first to be implement to last:

1) Fleshing out events for already exist stuff in Europe, this includes better treaties and expansion plans. These will include reclaiming Burgundy from France, annexing Hungary, annexing Poland, and conquering Northern Italy. However, doing these plans will incur with high infamy cost and debuffs once completed, as governing the new territories will be difficult.

2)More Renaming Decisions in General. Current Plans are:
-French Names for parts of Spain, Italy, and England
-Irish names for Ireland
-Japanese Names for Asia (with Korea already being implement in next version of TGC)
-Russian for eastern parts of Germany, up to around East German borders irl

3)More flavors for the colonies (mostly Cuba and Texas)
-Expansion Plans into Mexico or US for German Texas
-Expansion Plans to unite the Caribbean under German rule
-Independence Movements form both Cuba and Texas (with potential US support)

4)New Colonies:
-Klein Venedig (German Venezuela)
-German South Afrika (either as an expansion of South-West-Africa or as a new Tag)
-German Australia

5)Many more things, which is yet to be decided on which I appreciate wishes on what you guys want.

Overall, this site WILL NOT BE DEAD, as I may still use it as hotfixes on implementations of new GEF features to already existing releases, but the majority of code will now reside in TGC.

Stay safe and enjoy,
Kspeher :)

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