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I've removed some weapons and enemies, added a shark and more detail to the existing levels!

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My game has now hit 74mb, which is a lot considering Doom 2 was only 13.9mb! So I decided to remove some things. First off the Karasawa - I thought it was just generally boring and unnecessary. Second - I has originally removed the super shotgun from my game as the animation was pretty poor, even by Doom standards. But since then I have found a smooth weapons WAD (not sure who by again), so the super shotgun has made a triumphant return! I have also removed the Coachgun (seen in the third screenshot from the right), as now the game would contain 3 double barrelled shotguns and 5 shotguns! I also felt it was a bit overpowered.

Moving onto the enemies I have removed the Super Shotgun Zombie and the Fallen from my game as they were both extremely annoying and could kill you really quick.

I have also gone back over the levels and tried to add more detail to them and fix any issues they had. I did this as I have got much better at level designing, and this really shows on levels 8 and 9. So it looked a bit odd having a sudden increase in level quality. This is something I am still working on.

I have also added a shark. That is all.

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