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Created a quest system that seems to working quite well, just needing a new skin to be created for it to make it look nicer.

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Quest System
I finally got some time to finish up the quest system, everything working fine with it, it just needs a polish to make it look a bit more questlog worthy. So these pictures below are to demonstrate how the quest system works rather than show the final version.

I also just noticed that I need to add the objective of the quest to the quest class and add the loot items to the quest log.

This first image is the blank quest log, this means the player has no quest with an active state.

The little object infront of the player is currently an NPC placeholder and for this demonstration will serve as the quest giver, when in melee range and the player has clicked the interact button ("e") this will talk to the NPC as shown below:

The player then gets a choice to accept or decline the quest, if they decline it the window will close but will be able to accept the quest whenever you next talk to him. If the player accepts the quest then it goes from an inactive state to active and gets added to questlog.

When more quest have been added to the questlog, whichever quest title on the left you click, the description, objective and loot for that quest appears on the right.

Also if you are to speak with the npc again after accepting the quest, due to it being in an active state this will happen

On completion of the quest the quest turns to a completed state and on return to the npc you can choose to hand in the quest and receive the appropriate awards.

After clicking complete the item goes into the inventory and the quest clears from the questlog, if you go back to the npc after the quest has been completed he will just acknowledge that you completed it

That's it for now for the quest log, I still have the spell system to post soon and the talent system.

We are still currently in the process of recruiting some designers to create character/mob models(rigged,textured and animated) and buildings, skins and other assets such as equipment.

We currently have 1 designer working on the demo village which is looking quite nice at the moment so hopefully we can get this out within the next month.

Also the graphics may change over the next month to resemble a more cartoony graphic style we are in the process of determining if we should keep the currently style or adopt a different. If we were to change it would most likely end up looking like a mix between WildStar, Everquest Next and WoW but a bit more refined for a singleplayer/multiplayer game

sven62 - - 7 comments

Just a heads up, this game is made with Unity3D. The sidebar says "custom built".

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kelixaleir Author
kelixaleir - - 2 comments

This is what it says for me o.0

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Developed Bykelixaleir
Engine: Unity
Contact: Send Message
Official Page: Raajbrench.co.nr
Release Date: TBD
Game Watch: Track this game

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Dejected-Angel - - 1,366 comments

Looks neat!

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