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Updates on the project and new promotional video!

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Hey Guys!
I apologize for the lack of content and updates as of late. Currently, I am working on a number of very cool things.

First, I am reworking some o the monsters we currently have to fit together more coherently with the world and eachother.

Second, I'm also working on developing the environment. Ever since modern gaming, there has been the age old question of graphics vs aesthetics. We are aiming for something a little in the mid ground. We want our style to look sleek and stylish, but we don't have any misconceptions about the scope of this project so we are going to be relying heavily on aesthetics to keep our game looking fresh, vibrant, and unique. However, we are curious to hear what you guys think? What do you appreciate more in a game? AAA realistic graphics, or a unique style that isn't necessarily realistic but works with the game?

Third, I'm working on prototyping the game. I'm not a programmer so the prototype is really only a proof of concept, but when it's at a playable state, you guys will be the first to see it! What basic features would you guys like to most see implemented?

And finally, I'm working on a cinematic video! The last video can be seen here:

This vid is really only a promotional nugget, but check it out and enjoy!

Our writers are also working hard on revisiting our story and lore so we can bring you the very best!

We are also running a collaboration over at our forums! If you're a dragon lover, it's just for you! Similar to the eevee line in pokemon, we are designing a family of dragons. This will be the ONLY true dragons in the game, so if you want to see dragons in Prism, head over and give your feedback! We are also in need of a fire dragon and are still taking submissions. If you think you'd like to design a fire dragon for this family, then come visit this thread! Prismonline.forumotion.com

Thanks for reading guys! We'll have something for you all to chew on soon!


eh, not sure if that's good or not, but its style looks a lot like pokemon or digimon.

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Well, he says that the game ressembles Pokemon on the mod description...

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maybe im just too noob to find that mod description

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