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Post news RSS Update on the Odin Carrier, and oh yeah! An awesome $5,000 donation came in

It may not seem like a lot to most but it's a really great pledge of support for an Indie team developing a large and complicated space game. Ed, AKA Mazarae, has generously donated $5,000 towards the game's development.

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What's new with ESG?
A lot's been going on, we've spruced up the official Epic Space Game Wiki, and are adding the finishing touches to the new "Odin". This incredible piece of hardware will be one of the largest ships in the game and allow players to jump sectors with ease.

The good news:
We're now just a hop and a skip to our halfway point thanks to a large donation from Mazarae.
Money has been tight, resources limited, but we're still making an epic game you'll love.Help us get the word out, and join us in game today.
Visit us at: TheAlphaCompany.net

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