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A crucial Road to Guangdong update has just launched!

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Hello all,

We have just made live a game changing update which overhauls the way Road to Guangdong's vehicle wear and damage systems work. These changes mean that Sandy will now breakdown more often, creating a more direct connection between you, the player, and Sandy.

If you're yet to pick up Road to Guangdong, you can do so now at a great price in the Steam Summer Sale!

Major New Content and Adjustments

  • Major overhaul of the vehicle wear and damage systems
  • Added concept of "quality" to all vehicle components
  • Quality affects both wear and damage
  • Wear is based on mechanical wear & varies from component to component
  • Primary drivers are usually a combination of: engine revs, coolant temp, oil level, & part quality
  • Damage is based on a statistical model of mechanical failures when the components are under stress
  • High revs and engine temperature increases the likelihood of serious damage to components
  • Lower quality parts are more likely to take random damage, and have a higher maximum random damage
  • To balance this and account for planned future improvements in the game flow between story sections and driving sections we...
  • Increased starting money by 300
  • Save games from the previous version should get 300 added to the saved balance, but we still advise starting a fresh game
  • Each completed story will now gift a 10l can of petrol, a 3l bottle of oil, and 150 money
  • Cost of being recovered to a garage has been reduced to 75

General Advice on New Wear and Tear Systems

  • Be cautious, try to keep the engine temperature low
  • Higher quality components will generally last longer
  • Don't be afraid to use scrap parts

General Polish and Improvement

  • Adjusted gear ratios to get approx. 2500 revs at cruising speed of 40 in 3rd gear, 60 in 4th
  • Tweaked the analogue steering sensitivity curves to be less twitchy on medium bends
  • Improved clarity of colours on the health bars in the repair & garage UIs
  • Increased range of camera look in repair mode to feel less restrictive
  • Tweaked AI driving speeds to account for the constraints of the new wear & damage model
  • Other minor things here and there

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several (unreported!) control bugs which were hangovers from prototype builds
  • Various other lesser bugfixes

The Road to Guangdong Team


So this is really a sequel to Jalopy?

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