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Read all about Resort Boss: Golf's first ever Early Access update!

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Hello all,

Welcome to Resort Boss: Golf's first ever Early Access update! This update focuses on improvements and bug fixing, with key progress made in a lot of the areas we've been receiving crucial feedback on.

Tutorial progress-halting bugs have now been fixed, UI improvements have been implemented, AI is now smarter, and you'll now receive fewer facility requests and hole reviews (feedback emails).

We are excited to launch our first Early Access update, and we can't wait to shape Resort Boss: Golf further, with your help!

Full Patch Notes

Improvements and Additions

• Increased resort name character limit to 30 characters
• Players are now refunded 40% of a building's cost when removing them.
• When paused, the Time display will change to a bigger "PAUSE" text.
• Increased the bounce factor of the hole pole, to make hole in ones less easy.
• Removed the drag in dragging the windows, so they become more responsive.
• Split the terrain buttons into their different versions
• Changed the + signal to actual word/context stuff (on the hole/building panel; New Hole instead of +, New Building instead of +)
• Reduced speed of the paint tool, as it is too fast (ideally one click would make it go up 1) (added a delay between ticks for increasing the height. Also made it change the height on the first click, so that the user can now click and increase in steps)
• Implemented a better queuing system to prevent the AI from jockeying for positions
• Increased the WASD navigation speed over the regular mouse drag
• Added autosave and the ability to set the length of time between saves
• Added the water as a hazard for the hole. It will not be part of the play tiles, but it is taken into consideration by the hole attributes
• Added a drop down to filter the message types on the messages panel
• Added button to allow picking up the NPCs and dropping them elsewhere (in valid areas)
• Tree markers replaced with hologram trees for better visibility
• Increased ball size for better visibility
• Extended the time length of the ball's flight line
• Increased size of the bulldozer and snap buttons for easier usage/visibility
• Tiles with only one tree will not automatically be considered out of bounds
• Added an option to toggle the shooting debugger on and off (by pressing Z), as it's an useful feature at this point in time
• Added a display for the golfer's ball when the player selects a golfer currently playing the hole
• Added a bulldozer for the building accessories


• Tee now rotates properly when loading a hole
• Golfers will now sink slightly when walking on the water or on the pool
• Golfers will now have proper happiness boosts based on their performance related to their expectations, calculated at the start of the hole based on their attributes
• Balanced the weights on the golfer brain script to ensure they stop hitting trees like absolute madmen
• Water and decorations are now being properly taken into account for both the Risk and the Difficulty calculations.
• Tweaked the happiness bonus from good shots to make the golfers less happy at the end of a hole
• Added a check to ensure no duplicate types of requests and visits will exist either in the inbox or currently active (ie: No multiple presidents visiting at the same time, no multiple requests for a hotel)
• Confirm delete save game window no longer appears behind the menu
• Fixed issue where the navmesh graph wouldn't update properly, causing bad navigation
• Added a placeholder image for the save games to prevent issues with the game taking too long to generate a screenshot causing a null reference
• Game will now check for tutorial completion when opening the main menu from the in game menu after completing the tutorial
• Decoration bulldozer now properly removes planned trees
• Save menu now has an option to deleted a selected save
• UI is now properly disabled when taking a screenshot for the save file
• Paths will no longer be placeable on green and fairway tiles, and are no longer considered OB.
• Fixed issue where opening the messages panel while having the terrain tool open would cause the main toolbar to disappear forever
• Lob Wedge now has proper distance compared to Sand Wedge
• Adjusted the tone of the golfer's feedback to match their result on the hole, as opposed to their happiness. Reduced some of the salt on their comments.
• Fixed issue where the terrain height tool would not update the planned terrain tiles.
• Fixed issue with VIPs usually hating the course, as they had a low happiness to begin with it was negatively influencing their experience.
• Fixed an issue with a race condition that caused the ballStopped bool to be reset to false shortly after being set true, causing the golfer to wait forever
• Tutorial for the playing of golf now acts as expected, and all clubs are unlocked if the player achieves a hole in one
• Retiring from a hole no longer stops players from playing golf
• Fixed the system to make the AI stop trying to reach its path when it reaches the destination. Should prevent AI from dancing around each other.
• Escape now only opens the ingame menu
• Fixed issue where a message could go corrupt causing the messaging center to no longer open
• Fixed issue with financial data from previous save being loaded, and fixed issue with monthly data disappearing
• Hotel rating, and restaurant/pro shop types are now properly saved.
• Fixed crash issue when the terrain tried to access a chunk that did not exist (out of bounds).
• Fixed issue with loading saves not actually loading saves; it would choose the correct file but not perform the loading operation, resulting in always loading the existing resort. No data was lost.
• Fixed issue with the animation of the golfers not playing at the correct speed.
• Water was being cleared as if the hole was being cancelled. It is now properly placed.
• Golfers were treating distance travelled as always a positive, even if they were traveling away from the hole, causing them to sometimes go back to the fairway when very near the hole. This was fixed and the weights were further rebalanced.
• Fixed incompatibility issue between the avoidance controller and the character controller, which resulted in bad avoidance calculations. Golfers should now avoid each other properly.
• Cancelling construction no longer gives the player money.
• Feedback was using the old method of getting the course par, which returned 0. It now uses the correct method.
• The data wasn't being saved properly as the data structure kept being overwritten every time a new building type was added. This has been fixed.
• Tutorial resetting now works as expected.
• Fixed expectation calculations for golfers on the hole, which was leading to lower happiness
• Fixed issue with golfers putting their balls into oblivion when there is a slope
• Fixed clubs not being available after completing the hole tutorial with hole in one
• Fixed issue with dragging height inside the hole causing the dragging height to stop working
• Fixed issue with the character panel sometimes showing the wrong information
• Fixed issue with the building hooks return null on some cases
• Fixed a crash on VIPs that wouldn't be able to progress to the next hole causing them to get stuck waiting for the ball forever
• Fixes an issue with unhappiness of golfers never being enough for membership thanks to a modifier whenever they hit inside the play area
• Fixes an issue with queuing up for rounds that caused golfers to think all holes were busy

The Resort Boss: Golf

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