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Flashing Lights' latest update is out now for all!

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Hello all,

A new update for Flashing Lights is out now! This update brings all EMS callouts over to the new map, plus a fire department callout and some new liveries for the ambulance. Read on for the full patch notes!

EMS callouts ported from the old map to the new one include motor vehicle collision, unconscious person, hit and run and gunshot wound callouts. We've also ported a fire department rescue callout to the new map: motor vehicle collision.

Steam Summer Sale
As of this post being published there's just 1.5 hours remaining of the Steam Summer Sale! This is a great opportunity to jump in if you haven't already, or maybe even gift a copy to a friend.

Full Update Notes

- EMS calls ported from old map with adjustments:
3000: Motor Vehicle Collision (Can spawn at any intersection with random cars and/or driver trapped set up)
3001: Unconscious person (Spawns anywhere around the city)
3002: Hit and Run, Possible Bone Fracture (Spawn at any intersection)
3003: Gunshot wound (Spawns anywhere around the city)
- Fire Department rescue call ported from old map with adjustments:
3000: Motor Vehicle Collision (Can spawn at any intersection with random cars and 1 or 2 driver trapped set up)
- EMS can choose to spawn either at Fire Department or Hospital
- New liveries for default ambulance
- New med bag model


- Mission spawn could skip loading data for client players
- EMS don't have to remove clothes to perform CPR anymore
- ECG/Defib leads, bandages and splints placement offset prevented to apply these tools for different screen resolutions
- Fixed an issue where leaving defibrillator attached while calling for transport could break the tool
- Fixed an issue where clicking on vehicle scene lights panel made the player step out the vehicle
- Can no longer activate MDT while scene lights panel is open
- Dispatch random times adjusted, can now send new callout between 8-30 seconds
- Role change didn't update CAD active mission card
- EMS map tag now at hospital
- EMS: delivering a patient by dropping them out of an ambulance with doors open could lock interaction with the stretcher
- Voice chat volume slider
- In vehicle MDT didn't update home screen when changing from/to police role
- Chat command /nm_[id] added to new map to request desired next mission. List of IDs can be found here.

What's to Come
There's lots more exciting content on the way for Flashing Lights soon! The next planned update, due towards the end of this month, will add a new vehicle, introduce support for Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian & Slovak, and deliver more bug fixes.

Read the 'What's Next for Flashing Lights' Steam announcement for more details on our big plans for the September update and beyond.

The Flashing Lights Team

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