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Road to Guangdong's first major Early Access update is here!

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Hello all,

Road to Guangdong has just received an update! The focus is on making the breaking down and repairing elements of the game more seamless and feel less like a set of menus. Now, when checking your car, there's no loading screen, and instead of repairing and walking around the car in the manual-like mode, you now walk around the car out on the road itself.

We've also tweaked the procedural generation of the tea fields and industrial plane environments in order to make the roads more interesting to drive along!

This is just the beginning of our continued Early Access support and updates for Road to Guangdong, and we will be launching more updates very soon.

Take a look at the following forum post to find out more on our immediate update plans: Steamcommunity.com

Full Patch Notes

  • Updated 1st stage of tutorial - latest tutorial is now localised into all supported languages
  • Tweaked car handling/setup - now has 4 gears, slightly higher engine power and the suspension is now a little more "rolly" (like an old car would be)
  • Tweaked the procedural generation settings for "tea fields" and "industrial plane" road types to make them more interesting to drive along
  • Minor tweaks to AI
  • Repair Anywhere™! No need to load into repair mode any more.
  • Repair mode: camera tweaked to be slightly further from the car
  • Repair mode: haynes-o-vision shader disabled unless a mechanic is repairing for you
  • Fixed miscellaneous (& mostly invisible!) bugs and/or typos

The Road to Guangdong Team

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