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Grab the game now at a discount, and enjoy the new update!

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Hello crafters!

We are happy to announce that a new Craftlands Workshoppe update has now gone live! Read on for the full update notes.

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Full Update Notes


-Movement type videos added when choosing a movement type in a new game
-Gaining player levels boosts your maximum energy by 2 per level
-Fridge flier mount task available at Fridge from level 15 Cooking


-Alt click fills empty space in inventory from containers
-Holding shift when trashing items will trash all
-Under construction sign removed from the border point.
-Lots of story progress work in the back end, still uncomfortable unlocking Selutarr doors to progress, give me a bit more time
-Worker stats have a floor value and no longer goes into the negative
-Workers craft blacksmithing recipes faster
-Workers craft Alchemy recipes slower
-Worker upgrade values modified


-Main menu settings size fixed for ultrawide resolutions
-Fixed ungodly amount of items from ranches
-Ghosts should no longer place goods even when carrying them if the workshoppe is closed
-Guard helmet positioning on the sale counter fixed
-Firing worker works properly now
-Click to open doors work on Danny Sr. Grave now
-Click to open doors work on Anoli's portal
-Negative energy consumables properly reduce energy
-Fixed time showing minute 60 instead of rolling over to the next hour
-Player xp text in the main tab no longer grows into 2 lines
-Saving with a non assigned modular farm plot broke the save, loading that broken save in this build fixes it.

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