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In the last 6 updates, we focused on improving and adding new features to the single-player gameplay.

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The power of surprise cannot be overestimated.

In the last 6 updates, we focused on improving and adding new features to the single-player gameplay. However, one of the most important problems remained unresolved - the generic shape of the levels, which are generated completely randomly, which made them erm... let's put it this way - less exciting. Until today :-)

In this update, you will find many new features that will diversify the gameplay, make the levels appealing, and will often surprise you. Levels still generate randomly, but we've changed the way they are generated, which now creates lots of surprising shapes, holes, and branches. At the same time, each skyscraper gained its own personality. Let's get straight to the point:

Update Notes 1.3.0

New features:

:loottreasure: Secret Rooms

There are many new surprises waiting for you on the rooftops, but from now on they will also be waiting to be discovered below the surface. Please focus because you may miss the entrance that will give you a full backpack of the precious stuff. This feature is still in Work in Progress but we're sure you'll like it already.

:tbrick: The new look of the generated levels

We have prepared a completely new look for all levels. Of course, we still keep the spirit of the roguelike games, and each level is generated randomly. Only this time, we focused on making more interesting shapes that add variety and smoot gameplay to the game.

:Workforce: Improving look and layout of objects

Along with the new look of the generated levels, we also focused on improving the appearance of the props.

:questhunterspeed: Speed Boost

To speed up the whole game, we have added a unique speed boost when the player eliminates all opponents on each level.

:paintbrush: Graphics improvements

Responding to many opinions about the repetitiveness of the levels, we have prepared many new graphic improvements that will allow you to see more differences between each skyscraper. You will find new elements of the environment, a more transparent look of the floor on the Oriental skyscraper, and the variety of the whole Diesel skyscraper.

🏗️ Other improvements

  • we've improved the response time attack of the turrets,
  • when the character has a full life, the first-aid kits remain unused,
  • in the Hacking Room, enemies appear more often and over a larger area

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrectly saved/stored items in the equipment,
  • Barrels don't appear in the walls
  • Minor HUD improvements
  • Fixed items cloning bug
  • Gameplay optimization and fixes (e.g., less frequent physics refreshing, more optimal search in AI)
  • Balance of difficulty levels and prices in the shops
  • Smoother movement of selected objects (drones, enemies)
  • Fixed camera during a player falls off a skyscraper
  • Godlike achievement fixed and added new achievement unlocked after finding a secret room
  • Fixed the black screen error caused by pressing the alt + TAB button combination

Later this month, the following updates will come: the Curse system, some new animations, a co-op update, New Game+ in Hardcore mode, and Leaderboards.

Finally, we have one more surprise for our great community 🚀

Danger Scavenger will take part in the Indie Arena Booth, which will be held at Gamescom Online!

This is a great honor for us, especially since we will also take part in the vote for The Best Independent Game at Gamescom.

You can find a full lineup with a lot of impressive indie games here: Indiearenabooth.de

If you find any bug or have ideas for new game features or improvements, be sure to let us know on the Steam Community or Discord!

be a rebel! :rebellion:
Star Drifters team

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