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The first story campaign is now available. Join Emeric on his epic quest to unite human kingdoms and rebuild the planet!

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Driftland: The Magic Revival

Together with version 0.8.27, we introduce the first, Human Campaign. We invite you to participate in the struggle of the four races with the challenge of rebuilding Driftland - their home planet.

Get to know the story of two brothers who have a unique opportunity to unite the conflicted empires and rebuild the shattered planet! Is a brotherly bond strong enough to cope with such a challenge and resist destructive forces?

Driftland: The Magic Revival

Human Campaign:

  • extended tutorial during campaign missions
  • 6 unique maps
  • custom-shaped islands
  • new unique mage-rulers
  • campaign-specific units and buildings

General Improvements:

  • new destruction and falling off bridges
  • Tellurions and Mausoleums have gained a magical range for their owners
  • reworked enemy units/buildings window
  • injured units fleeing (running) from the battlefield to be cured
  • designation of resources with additional colors: purple for unexplored geology and gray for lack of resources (red, yellow and green invariably indicate the amount of resource)
  • further AI improvements
  • improving the balance, e.g. Ritual of Avulsions (Dark Elves) rips out only one resource at a time
  • additional UI and in-game sound effects
  • additional visual FXs
  • additional units animations
  • optimizations, including LOD for subsequent groups of buildings
  • bugs fixes

Driftland: The Magic Revival

What's next?
In the coming weeks, we plan a few small updates, but let's focus on the most important ones. First of all, in a few weeks, we will publish 0.9.xx:steamhappy:, which will introduce a multiplayer mode. At the same time, our team will continue to develop subsequent campaigns and version 1.0.xx :steamhappy::steamhappy::steamhappy:

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