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Hello loyal followers of the FazBear. I got some update news for you!!! Alpha 3 is in heavy production and should be live within the next few days

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Hello loyal followers of the FazBear.
I got some update news for you!!!

  1. Level unlocking system in the works
    we are working on a Level unlock system so you will be able to have saved progress.
  2. Oculus VR support
    We are working on adding VR support for final release
  3. Alpha 3 will contain quite a few bug fixes and a new player controler meaning you will be able to do more in the world such as: Run with better animations, Crouch, jump better, hide more.
  4. Hour 3 is almost complete and will have an objective that must be completed
  5. New voice actor for Mark
  6. Voice for Rebecca
  7. Freddy is awake
  8. Hour 1 will be slightly easier and have the Hour 2 lights.
  9. The Hour 2 power objective will be fixed and added as an optional objective
  10. Foxy is [Redacted]
  11. New main menu music
  12. Fixed jump scares(They are supposed to animate for most part)
  13. Altered item placements on all Hours
  14. Objectives will show up on top of screen
  15. Bonnie is less aggressive, chica is more aggressive
  16. New audio for bonnie and chica
  17. Charlie (the child wearing the puppet mask) is no longer the only ghost but is the only one that can kill you.
  18. just because something can't kill you doesn't mean don't be scared of it.

No confirmed date is set for Alpha 3 but it will be soon
Any comments or questions please leave them below I will try to answer all of them promptly.

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