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Death by fire, demonic shotgun, terrain splashes and more!

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Having completed level 8 and started level 9 of Hell Unleashed I've decided to take a break from the level designing for a while, and I've started to focus a bit more on editing the actual WAD itself. I've done a decent amount before I got a page on here, but since then I've added:

- A gib death for the Revenant
- All humanoid enemies that are roughly the same size as the player will catch fire when killed with the flamethrower.
- Some enemies have extra death animations for when killed with the crossbow.
- A demonic looking shotgun that runs on blood shells (sprites not by me - but I can't find who made them. Thank you whoever you are!)

- Different deaths for the chainsaw/knife
- Different deaths for other projectile-based weapons
- Different deaths for enemies infighting

Also does anybody know how to make it so that certain things won't work underwater? I have a flamethrower that can set the ground / enemies on fire, but it works underwater as if it were on dry land!

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