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Development has continued behind the screens and today we share our list of new features added to the game.

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Wow, over a year have gone since the last update. We have been working on Agency during this period, and today we wanted to give a short list of features that have been added since last time. Each item on the list could potently become an article in the future, be for now enjoy:

Change log:

Short version:

A lot.

Long version:

  • Added Single Player campaign
    • Added a ranking system to the single player campaign.
    • Added Dialog system.
    • Created starting cut-screen.
    • Introduced private markets.
    • Boss now have an introduction.
    • Improved tutorial to be more interactive.
    • Added new ways to beat a mission.

Campaign Map

Boss Battle

  • Gameplay Changes
    • New cards added (We are now at 52 different cards)!
    • Reworked the interface (again).
    • Reworked how to choose other cards works.
    • Reworked card revealed.
    • Introduced “Glace Effect” when a card effect is trigger by something.
    • Reworked card frames and card backs.
    • Added lots of new card effects.
    • Cards balancing.
    • AI Tweaking.


  • Other Changes
    • Added “Swapping Market Mode”.
    • Reworked Main Menu.
    • Added more customization for VS AI mode.
    • New music added.
    • Improved performance.
    • Added Background City Effects.
    • Resolved bugs and crashes (a lot of them).



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yeh ,like the look of this.

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