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Update on the current state of the game, and plans for future updates

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This week, we added the mechanic to throw any object the player is currently holding. This includes wood, water, and seed. This mechanic can be used to pass resources to your teammate or hit the opponent to knock them back.
Dashing was added as well. Pressing B will make the player gain a sudden burst of speed for a short period of time.
We added another water fountain, so there will be one on each side of the map.
A lot of sound effects were added and the main background music of the game was changed to make the game more enjoyable.

The throwing mechanic was planned from the initial design process of the game to introduce a way to interact with the opponent and your teammate.
Dashing was newly conceived to speed up the game-play as movement came off as boring to some play testers.
We realized that with one water fountain at the bottom of the map the players crowded towards the bottom. We added the second water fountain to address this issue.

For the next iteration of the game, we plan to polish up our animations and adding new ones in.
We are also thinking of allowing the players to light their harvested wood on fire to chuck at the opponents' trees to deal significant, spreading damage.

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