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Alpha eight brings more advanced AI, AI working for multiplayer, more graphic updates, new units and buildings and more.

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General updates:

The concept of Cells" and "Tiles" merged back into one, because it introduced unsolvable pathfinding and gameplay issues. So now one unit will occupy one tile and one tile will have only one unit on it.
(sidenote: this also means traps will fire only on one unit instead of 5 like previously)

Graphical size of tiles is also reduced by roughly 20%, which makes buildings look smaller and unit movement speed is slower as consequence

Menu screen is completely redrawn.



Each worker gets a unique animation when they are working. (and also a bunch of new house sprites)


Units also have a bigger version of their icons/portraits.

AI Updates:

AI now properly builds its full economy, responds to enemy attacks, sets up defenses, trains soldiers etc etc. And it also functions in multiplayer.

Full changelog:

**Game changes and new features:**
-Cells removed
-Graphical size of tiles reduced by 20% (and unit movement speed is slower as consequence)

-Unit attack speed is no longer random and based on animation

-Removed builders, buildings and tileworks are now built by serfs (without the building process)
-Removed "set high priority" button for constructions

-Map can be chosen through multiplayer UI properly instead of first going to singleplayer and back

-Soldiers can now reach the caravan through unwalkable cells, meaning they can eat even if they are ontop of a wall, while the caravan is at the bottom
-Soldiers' damage output are affected by satisfaction
-Soldiers can now create formations to move and attack in unison

-Projectiles now work differently: instead of following the target homing missile style, ranged units will fire a projectile at a location,
hitting the unit that is there when the projectile arrives, ranged units will also have a chance to "miss" and fire to a different location near the original

-Axes, Slings, Spears and Bows merged into "Wooden Weapons" and Swords, Halberds and Crossbows merged into "Iron Weapons"
-Added the Smith, the Swordsman, the Halberdier, the Crossbowman and the Knight
-Added Weapon Smithy and Armor Smithy

-Carriers can carry more than 1 ware

-Added an option to toggle "repeat" mode to school, so that whenever a unit is trained, its placed back in the queue

-AI now builds up a full economy, sets up defenses,responds to attacks and attacks enemy players,
trains a varied army and acknowledges unit counters
-AI works in multiplayer
-Build order is more efficent and depends on the map, surroundings, situation, etc

-Damage is calculated with addition instead of percentages and all fighters rebalanced
-Units now regenerate health at 1 HP per 4 seconds when idle (increased to 1 HP/s when eating);
-Building hit points doubled
-Stonecutter gathers up to 15 (10 previously) stones from one stone tile
-Tier 1 housing can house 8 serfs (previously 6)
-Bonus for attacking from behind/sides doubled
-Units attacking from uphill or downhill will modify damage (debuff and buff respectively)
-Boots give serfs a movement speed bonus
-Spike pits cost 1 timber instead of 1 log

**Graphics, UI and audio:**
-Completely redrawn main menu, with darker tones and more details

-Player lobby shows player's color and empty slots

-Hovering over unit training buttons now gives a more detailed description of the unit;

-Tiles have more rounded corners

-Added a new tile (Sand) and a new brown variation of cliffs;

-Workers now show work animations inside buildings (like carpenter sawing planks inside a sawmill) and added various sound effects to them
-Sheeps are visible and grow up when fed
-Added several new building artworks and animations

-Remade the building menu and split the list of buildings and tileworks into 6 categories (infrastructure, housing, raw materials, food, industry, defense)
-Buildings show construction animation
-Units now show a properly detailed description of what they're doing
-Workers show a thought bubble signalising when they are walking home

-Selecting multiple units now displays information of one of them instead of no information
-Selection "circles" reshaped to fit the isometric angle

-Changed graphics of spike trap so it appears underground and added a trap trigger animation

**Bug Fixes:**
-Fixed distribution priorities with school, inn and other buildings
-Fixed the bug where units in traffic would get forever stuck when in an endless loop in 1x1 corridors
-Fixed the bug where ranged units wouldn't stop firing at a unit once it got out of range
-Fixed melee soldiers being able to fight through walls
-Fog of war now properly renders on top of cliffs
-Animals (like sheep and horses) removed from Storehouse

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