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A major update for Code of the Savage. Cutscenes have been implemented, and a new demo is available for download now.

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Before we start, a new demo is available here.

This is a bit of a smaller/ more timely update, but also a very important one.


First and foremost, I've developed a cutscene system for the game. I knew it was going to be a bit of a challenge to implement and implement well... but I'm very happy with the result.

It's very flexible, allows me to create large and small scale cutscenes with ease and It integrates seamlessly with the NPC dialogue system.

Cutscenes are going to add a lot of life to the game, and will be integral for its narrative flow.

Check the video below. The examples in the video are pretty basic. The system is capable of much grander scale cutscenes.

I had to rework some issues with the dialogue system for cutscenes to work smoothly. I also spent some time to fix misaligned text, and the way the system splits up chunks of text that are too big for the dialogue window. So now pages breaks feel more natural and misaligned text has been fixed... Lastly I changed the colour of the text. .. I think it looks more readable.

Main menu

The background of the main menu now has a fancy scrolling map. (bugged a bit in full screen mode)

Steam page

In other news, most of you are probably already aware if you follow the games social feeds, but the Steam store page is now up with a target release date. You can add it to your steam wish list today :)
Check it out here: Store.steampowered.com

Lastly, I have been dabbling a bit with a digital painting that I may use in the games intro sequence.

It's meant to depict the day the slave traders arrive at the protagonists homeland. It's not finalized yet. The figure on the rocks needs some work.

The list

  • Fixed player facing issue in prep for cutscenes
  • Added camera go to script
  • Added cutscene face to script
  • Added NPC cutscene move script
  • Corrected player camera orientation
  • Added cutscene attack script
  • Re-wrote display text script
  • Fixed palm trees and Joshua trees not showing
  • Fixed text orientation in NPCs
  • Fixed quotation marks sometimes appearing on wrong line of dialogue.
  • Fixed being able to click items and other NPCs while in dialogue
  • Changed dialogue text colour
  • Fixed a bunch of bugged NPC schedules (poor Lord Mason was getting stuck in the latrine..)
  • Fixed continue text not showing at correct time during dialogue
  • Added event triggers to world map
  • Rain and night now follow camera and not player

Thanks everyone!


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