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Post news RSS Update: Crash fixes, minor tweaks and new ability!

This update fixes few annoying crashes and problems.

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I have worked long hours to deliver this update!
This is what I've done:

  • It no longer crashes when picking up part safes with full inventory.
  • It should no longer crash when changing volume and starting the game, if it still happens, tell me!
  • Removed option to change game resolution, because it was causing strange bug. Use full screen instead.
  • Updated damage frame, now it shows up whenever spaceship gets hit. It also looks better now.
  • It's impossible to go behind enemies now, they will push you back.
  • Resurrection mission end phase enemies, revenants, now don't explode the second they spawn.
  • Story missions are now easier to spot on the map.
  • "Assemble obelisk" ability added. It's strong carrier class ability, try it out, if you have some nodes.
  • "Missile strike" ability can now be unleashed.
  • Added messages that appear when armour is low or there's not enough ether to activate ability. This should help new players.
  • Amplifiers fixed.

Have fun!

PS.: I still need help with Steam Greenlight! Click here to vote for Sector Six!
PPS.: Mac version is not fixed yet. But it will be, sooner or later.


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