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Sector Six can now be played with a controller! ...And other changes.

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Sector Six can now be played with a controller!

There's still few things I would like to polish, so expect to see various controller support improvements coming with future updates!
The controller support has been tested with Xbox 360 controller.
If encounter any problems with other controllers, please notify me.
I am also looking for any ideas on improving controller support.

Along with controller support, I have fixed few old glitches and made important changes:

  • Fixed pause graphical glitch.

  • Fixed wrong default music volume glitch.

  • Fixed a minor graphical glitch in the results screen.

  • Fixed weapon amplifier glitch.

  • Fixed several spelling errors.

  • Now if controls are changed, tutorial explanations and ability tags also change accordingly.

  • The mouse cursor is no longer visible when it is not needed.

  • Improved story mission III.

    • Databases now have less armour, they no longer deal damage and destroy nearby enemies when the player enters their range.
  • Improved ability bar in combat HUD.

  • Now it is impossible to be outside the enemy range and not trigger the missile barrage.

  • Added visual hint to warn players that their armour is low.

  • Improved armoured colony seeker.

    • Now has only 1 core, but its repairing pylons repair more armour than before.
  • Aberrant Armour challenge now reduces the power of The Decision challenge.

    • Maxed The Decision increase mission length by 100% instead of 1000% when Aberrant Armour is also maxed.
  • Slightly improved introduction cutscene.

Have fun!

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