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Shows our new character creation system, and a bit of how I programmed it.

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Hey everyone!

Here's a new video showing the character creation!


As you can see, I'm giving players a lot of freedom to design the characters they want. Want blue skin and green hair? Go for it. Add a flaming halo to make it even better! :D

The protagonist you create will be going through hell, so they may as well do it in style.

Some characters:

And here's what the face editing setup looks like:

Each solid line represents a bone, and the character creator moves, scales, and rotates the various bones in order to shape the face.

Here's an album with more screenshots: Imgur.com

Supported features so far:

  • Face shape
  • Main hair type, with 3 different colors to set
  • Hair addons (ponytails, extra strands…)
  • Skin color and material settings like Subsurface Scattering
  • Makeup
  • Accessories with material settings, like FLAMING EARRINGS

Upcoming features:

  • More hairstyles
  • Tattoos
  • Different complexions
  • Change weapons colors (you can already change armor colors)
  • Better eye shader

Stay tuned for more updates! :D I'm in "pre-Kickstarter mode", trying to get everything ready for a press demo.I've also been working on the GUI. It's not done yet, but here's a quick preview:

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